Selasa, 27 Maret 2012

Most Expensive Mobile Applications In The World's

Most Expensive Mobile Applications In The World's - Hear the name alone seems this application is very sophisticated, so called World's Most Expensive Handset Applications.
Various applications for Apple gadgets available in the App Store. After investigation, it turns out there are applications that banderolnya very expensive, even more than the price of an iPad.
How could I not, the application costs $ 1,000. For comparison, the highest price in the United States iPad only about USD 800. This application is named "BarMax CA and BarMax NY". Why so expensive? According to his description, the application is made ​​by the lawyers of the prestigious Harvard University with a great application developer.
Applications BarMax CA and BarMax NY is intended for prospective lawyers in the final exams. Price USD 1,000 for the application BarMax CA and BarMax NY judged to be insignificant compared with their earnings after the escape test.
But apparently, BarMax BarMax CA and NY are not the only application on the App Store at a price that is very expensive. There are still two others, namely Intuition Control Solo WolfVision and The Alchemist SMS. Both are worth $ 1,000.