Senin, 26 Maret 2012

Lumia Nokia 610 Review

Competition is increasingly spoiling Smart phone users. Handset users will be given options that range from brands, OS used, features, design or price offered. Competition will be more colorful mobile phone as Nokia Lumia 610 comes with a fairly economical and powerful features. Now all back again depending on each user's tastes. For those of you who want the android OS of course you'll have plenty of options similar android smartphone, but if you've fallen in love with the nokia with the ease of operation, Lumia Nokia 610 is the choice for you.
Incessant Mobile Android does not make Nokia stopped innovating with new products, although not using the android OS is now being ruled GSM handset market. Nokia phone that carries the Windows OS. For your lover or lovers nokia windows mobile OS, it is appropriate if the handset is offered for those of you who want to have a similar handset samsung android or apple that has a similar design. Nokia Lumia 610 is ready to compete with Android-based smartphone.
With affordable prices We are able to have a smartphone that has advanced features and easy operation with comprehensive features and beautiful design. Lumia 610 has a 5MP camera with LED Flash, but is not equipped with a front camera (similar to Lumia Lumia 710 and 800). Supported 800 mhz processor with single core Snapdragon s1 and 256Mb RAM 8GB of storage media. A 3.7-inch WVGA TFT LCD and the dimensions of 119mm x 62mm x 12mm and weighs 131.5 grams.
Nokia Lumia 610 also has a choice of colors for you, Lumia Nokia 610 has a choice of white, cyan, magenta and black, which would be made ​ ​complete feature offered by Nokia.