Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

Call Blocker | Android Applications To Block Phone and SMS on Android Handset

Android application Call Blocker is a free application that enables users of Android phones to block SMS from the phone and contact numbers are not certain you want. That way you can get rid of the SMS from the phone and contact numbers.
Maybe you want to avoid certain people on your cell phone contact list will not receive phone calls or answer his SMS. You would expect any call or SMS from person automatically blocked. If your Android phone users, you can perform a block of phone numbers or SMS from a specific contact that you do not want. Phone number or name contained in the blacklist will not be able to call or send SMS to your Android phone.
Call Blocker Android application is available in Google's Play Store for free. There is also a paid version with additional features of Private Space. These features will save each SMS from the phone number you have previously selected into the 'special place' in protection with password, so that others can not read SMS.