Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

25 Billion App Store Downloading

APPLE has just announced that the App Store has just got 25 billion application downloads. As quoted from Mashable, the achievement is not only evidence of the strong penetration of smartphones IOS, but also benefit Apple (they cut 30 percent of each application are sold). Even so, the achievement of the App Store this result in two possibilities: whether they buy the iPhone to download the application or have them download the application for the iPhone.

In 2011, each owner of the IOS device is expected to download approximately 60 applications, up from 50 downloaded applications in 2008. And when combined with net sales of iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore in the year 2011 is $ 5, 4 billion, which is only six percent of net sales of Apple's profits, but up 33 percent when compared to the year 2010.