Jumat, 20 April 2012

How to Upgrade Blackberry OS version: With Easy

For those of you who want a blackberry you always update, One way to upgrade to this version: Blackberry OS. How to upgrade your Blackberry OS version: With Easy ..? Here's more:
  1. Install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to your computer that is on CD or download at BlackBerry.com website / desktop
  2. Download the OS from the website or category Blackberry Firmware Blackberry Firmware OS into your computer. Important, select the appropriate type of your BlackBerry.
  3. After the download, click the exe file to install OS OS to be upgraded to a computer via the computer. Important Restart your computer
  4. Delete vendor.xml in C drive -> program files -> common files -> research in motion -> app.loader
  5. Back up data to a BlackBerry handheld computer with Desktop Manager, Read How To Backup the Blackberry Desktop manager
  6. Turn off the network then remove your memory card
  7. Wipe handheld (optional only for the already troubled hanheld) on BlackBerry by option -> security options -> general settings -> press the BB menu button -> wipe handheld. Wait until the process finished wipe. If the OS is still 4.2 which include 3rd party wipe, if you do not have OS 4.5. But if you are unsure, wipe it all rather than crash
  8. Click the icon to open the desktop manager software, plug in his BlackBerry to the computer to connect to the desktop manager
  9. Desktop Manager will automatically detect synchronize data, and will automatically check for updates of the latest version of the OS appear as updates / upgrades, follow the instructions. (If not detected, restart your computer again and restart the desktop manager. NB: Desktop Manager must distart and open from the main menu
  10. If desktop manager still does not detect the new OS, close the desktop manager and go to the delete the vendor xml, click loader.exe and follow the instructions.
  11. Wait until the flame benar2 and booting up with the home screen. Do not disconnect the cable or cables mainin data
  12. Once the OS has been updated, you must re-setting, time, emails account settings, wifi etc ...

Once again, OS upgrades are not authorized will not guarantee that all Blackberry smoothly. Sorry, we can not provide support for you in addition to the above information. All of you who bear the risk.
If you experience a problem ERROR, which continuously restart your BlackBerry / reboot and can not enter into the homescreen, it means that your BlackBerry has experienced an error in the OS mentioned as NUKED BlackBerry, my suggestion was taken to the HP garage. so thank you.