Senin, 23 April 2012

The Best Android Applications

The best Android apps - Android Applications with the ability to cool for a wide range of application functions, such as Photoshop and photo editing application online. For those of you who like to edit the photos in order to appear attractive. If you Android users, please download Android applications that you like on the link below.
  1. Adfree
    AdFree application can be used to block ads from appearing, when you no longer use a free application. Download here
  1. SD Maid
You can use this application to remove temporary files from the remnants of uninstalled applications already in use or no longer in your SD card. Download here
  1. Marketenabler
    With MarketEnabler application, you can download the application that are not available in our area, or only in the United States, but you can still get it with the help of this kind of applications. Download here
  1. DroidWall
    Firewall applications for Android smartphones that can block internet access to all applications. Download here
  1. Gemini APP manager
With Gemini APP manager, you can move applications from internal memory to external memory, back up files, block and other applications. Download here
That's  a download link and play the best Android applications that you can get. So the info this time, may be useful.