Rabu, 14 Maret 2012


IPOD NANO 5th GENERATION -T he latest generation iPod Nano, or iPod Nano 5G known to offer some new stuff that has never existed in the iPod nano earlier generations. Outstanding features offered by this newest iPod include an integrated video camera, FM radio and a pedometer that will be very useful for those who love the sport on foot. iPod Nano is aimed at music fans. 16GB capacity is considered sufficient to accommodate a collection of favorite music. For those who love high quality music, with a 16GB iPod Nano you need not fear to enter the music with a fairly high bitrate. The sound quality produced by the iPod Nano is very good. What's more when we use the right equalizer options that can be accessed via the menu setting. Earphones that came with the iPod Nano 5G has a pretty good quality and quite comfortable to use. Bass and treble produced by the iPod again this may be more pronounced when combined with better-quality earphones.
On the Go feature is very useful also retained. By On the Go allows you to choose the songs that you like and put it into the playlist while easily, simply by pressing the center button for several seconds when the songs in a playlist in the highlights.
Screen resolution of 240 x 376 pixels and 204 dpi density, iPod Nano 5G has an advantage in mp4 format video displays. Even when used to watch movies converted from DVD, Nano 5G can do its job very well. You could say the Nano 5G into cinema that can go into your pocket! What a pleasant thing for movie lovers. Color produced by the iPod Nano 5G is also very good, making the viewing experience more enjoyable. The drawback is the small screen size may make it difficult for those who have vision problems. From my experience the normal eye, with good resolution, 5G Nano is capable of displaying text on a film with a fairly clear and easily readable.
iPod Nano 5G, its ability to record H.264 video format and resolution VGA (480x640 pixel), the image captured by a small camera located on the back of the iPod is fairly good.
Even much better than the recording with a certain cell phone 3gp format.
One more feature is anticipated by the preceding generation iPod users is an integrated FM radio. Now we just need a headset or earphones attached to iPods, then we will be able to use this radio feature.