Minggu, 01 April 2012

Best Blackberry Applications

Application on the Blackberry is best viewed as an application of the total downloaders and users

1.   Google Maps 4.5.3
Google Maps is perfect in this gadget with various functions such as: search the location, etc. determining its distance.
For those of you who like to travel far or often you can use this gadget as a Map
2.   Facebook for BlackBerry 2.0
Almost everyone in the world would already have a Facebook account, both in use on the Internet, mobile phones, let alone BlacBerry. Facebook for BlackBerry can do the activity on Facebook Chat, Notices, Latest News, Function request, Facebook for BlackBerry is available for the BlackBerry App World. Facebook for Blackberry has a new interface features grid lined with navigation that is almost similar to the look of Facebook for iPhone
3.   Twitter for BlackBerry
Twitter for BlackBerry allows you to perform activities tweet via BlackBerry. With a lighter color scheme, support for local trends, profiles with photo icon, and faster performance. Application interface is designed very well. Feature found on Twitter for BlackBerry: Find, Follow, unfollow, examine trends, beautiful fonts, and multi-functional utility bar
4.   Flashlight 2 For 1 Free 1.1.1
This application is functioning as a power failure, for which this application on BB have them, just grab your Blackberry and turn on the switch on this application (Flashlight 2). Flashlight 2 for 1 Free 2 does have a flashlight feature, namely, a bright light from the LED lights on the back of the body, and the light from the LCD display and LED forward (if any). Excess Flashlight 2 for 1 Free is the ability to manage and optimize battery and memory usage when active.