Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Apple Digital AV Adapter Accessory (MC953ZM / A)

A great and useful accessory for the Apple iPad Digital AV Adapter Accessory (MC953ZM / A) This little accessory works like a charm. It does support video out for both the iPad 1 and 2.
With this device you can connect the iPad Tablet Pc 2 to plane
HD television, the use of Apple iPad accessories Apple's Digital AV with the apple part MC953ZM / A (30 PIN dock adapter connects the output of two ports: one port and one HDMI 30 PIN connector port). Port HDMI function to connect to a TV or projector screen when playing digital vidio, while 30 PIN port for connection to a power supply PLN. Digital AV adapter can get at the Apple store or a gadget shop. iPad 2 has mirroring capabilities, the Home menu on the display screen is also visible on the TV screen iPad, not only has the ability to play vidio only.

Very pleased with my gamble to purchase this. Did not want others to have to worry if Their intended use was similar.